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 HOMO TECHNICA              fantasy/science fiction

In 2030 AI-augmented humans begin to read and direct our innermost thoughts. Mankind teeters on a knife-edge between bliss and oblivion


MUFFIN MAN                       political action thriller

Love, drug-dealing, murder and blackmail create a powerful transatlantic conspiracy. In the 1970s a covert organization is

set-up within the CIA to secure America’s oil supplies. By 2001

it is manipulating 9/11 to gain increased funding for the US intelligence services 


GLEN CHASE                      political action thriller

A gender dysphoric CIA agent uncovers a plot to explode a long-lost nuclear warhead on American soil. Chase must evade a chasing hit team, battle clever, well-connected villains from Pakistan through South Africa to Washington DC, and save his partners while coming to terms with his identity.

HAUNTED ANGEL               supernatural drama

A young woman is stripped of her child in a UK that stigmatises illegitimacy. Twenty years later the loss still haunts her, affecting all in her village... a village struggling to adapt to a rapidly-encroaching modern world, and with a deadly, demonic secret.


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