Wagon Train

The story centers on Stephen Walker, a financially struggling, overweight businessman with a comb-over. Detested by his wife and ignored by his children, as his business fails Walker seeks a new direction to his life.

Walker’s dying father gives him a gift – a journal kept by one of their forefathers who migrated West as a young boy in the first wagon train to cross the wilderness to Oregon. The boy’s journey is a spiritual as well as a physical adventure. His tale inspires the ailing Walker to admit his own failings and to find a path from his own misadventures.

Based on real events, the storyline follows the respective quests of each of the main protagonists: Walker with his recovery from illness and bankruptcy, the young boy Jake with his journey into the unknown West of 1843 and the growing realization of his special abilities.

The tale is therefore a double quest, as well as a double love story.


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